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Jenn Vargas

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Hong Kong is a city person's city. A towering skyline, hustle and bustle, and an abundance of bright lights and neon will bring back memories of Times Square. Modern and expat-friendly, Hong Kong is one of the less intimidating cities to visit for newcomers to Asia as English is pretty commonly spoken and it has all of the conveniences you'd expect to find at home.

Hong Kong Dollars
Ideal Trip Time
4-5 days minimum

Great for...

Perfect for business travelers, city-lovers, foodies, and those looking to dip their toe into the Asian continent. Not great for backpackers or budget travelers as tiny hostel rooms are easily $40-50 per night.

Getting Around

Public transit is abundant, clean, and (with common sense) safe. You'll marvel at the modernity of Hong Kong's subway system when compared to somewhere like New York City. There are double-decker street cars in some areas.

To get from island to island, take either the subway or a ferry. Fill up your transit card at the local 7-11. They're everywhere.

Must Do

Outdoor Escalator System

Outdoor Escalator System

Hong Kong is so hilly they have escalators connecting one "level" to the next! It's the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. Hop on at Queen's Road Central - it's not far from Quinary!

Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island

A mostly car-less island just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong. It is somewhat touristy, but there are still active fishing boats and a vibrant local community. It's a great spot to hang out on the beach for a day or rent a bike and explore.

Central at Night

Central at Night

Central is the business district of Hong Kong, home to the skyscrapers that light up the sky at night. It's great to walk around at night (using common sense, of course) and enjoy the light shows projected by some of the buildings.

Must Eat

Dim Sum! My favorite spot is Maxim's Palace for your cart-style dim sum, but if you want some amazing Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), you have to go to Din Tai Fung. An amazingly creative (and slightly pricey) cocktail bar is at Quinary. When you're in need of a quick pastry, swing by Tai Cheong Bakery for fresh-out-of-the-oven egg tarts. Lastly, for an amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline, have dinner at Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, especially after dark, but bring friends, you'll definitely need to share!

Don't forget to pack...

Plan for hot and humid in the summer!

Key Phrases

While you'll be able to get by as an English speaker, especially with younger locals, a simple "hello" never hurts!

While you're there...

If you have some extra time, Macau is right next door to Hong Kong. Ferries can run as frequently as every 15 minutes and take just over an hour.

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