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Hi! I'm Jenn. I love to travel. But more importantly, I love to travel on the cheap. I'm a sucker for a good flight deal — I once flew from NYC to San Francisco for the afternoon because the flight was $62 round trip —. Even as an experienced traveler, flying somewhere new always creates a bit of logistical worry. Where do I stay? What do I do? How do I get around? Is there anything I should know before I go?

That's why I made Wanderling. On top of amazing flight deals, which I scout out myself and share every day, I develop awesome destination guides based on my experiences and those of my favorite travelers, so you don't have to worry about all of the logistics. Just book your tickets and go.

My goal with Wanderling is to save you tons of time and money so you can stop saying "some day" and finally book that ticket and go. With the money you save on one flight you may be able to afford a whole extra trip. How amazing is that?


Get in touch! wanderling@mostlybrilliant.co.

Jenn Vargas
Jenn Vargas @jennjenn

I'm Jenn Vargas. I've been traveling for the last 8 years on a mission to reach my goal of #30Before30. I've done the backpacking thing, the business travel thing, the solo-travel thing, the group-travel thing, the weekend-trip thing, the one-way-ticket thing, basically all the travel things. I love making travel easier and cheaper for others to inspire them to get out there. So go on, get out there!