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Hi! I'm Jenn and I'm obsessed with traveling on the cheap. I once flew from NYC to San Francisco for $62 round trip. I've been scouting out domestic and international flight deals for years and now I'm sharing them with you. Not only that, I'm pairing the deals with destination guides written and curated by my favorite travel bloggers. I do all of the hard work for you and deliver it straight to your inbox. All you have to do is book and explore!

Latest Deals


Prague, Czech Republic from major US cities starting at $400 roundtrip


NYC to Singapore only $440 roundtrip before the end of 2017

San Diego

Philadelphia or Chicago to San Diego from $99 roundtrip December - February


NYC, San Francisco, and Dallas to Sydney, Australia for $770 roundtrip thru May


NYC and Chicago to Budapest, Hungary from $458 round trip December thru May


April in Paris from Washington DC for $340 roundtrip


NYC to Dublin, Ireland for only $380 roundtrip in December