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I've spent countless hours scouring the internet, researching travel destinations and trying to put together trips that went beyond the typical tourist sights and activities. I learned that the best tips aren't from the big name travel forums or expensive destination guide books - they're from the blogs of awesome travelers who explore cities searching for those hidden gems to share with their readers. There was no easy way to find this content all in one place. Until now.

Wanderling's mission is to bring together the best travel content out there so you can discover new perspectives, find those hidden gems, and spend more time traveling.

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The Wanderling widget lets you embed a Wanderling guide in any site or blog post to promote a guide and encourage upvotes:

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Jenn Vargas
Jenn Vargas @jennjenn

I'm Jenn Vargas. I've been traveling for the last 8 years on a mission to reach her goal of #30Before30. I've done the backpacking thing, the business travel thing, the solo-travel thing, the group-travel thing, the weekend-trip thing, the one-way-ticket thing, basically all the travel things. I love making travel easier for others to inspire them to get out there. So go on, get out there!